Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Effective Yet Simple Ways to Protect Your Ears from Hearing Loss

There are plenty of obvious health concerns in the world, and most of them are on the minds of most people at least some of the time. Whether it’s deciding to quit smoking to reduce the risk of cancer or paying attention to whether or not regular doctors’ exams are a part of a yearly routine, there are a number of ways that people make the effort to take care of their bodies. The trouble is that sometimes, there are concerns that aren’t at the front of people’s minds, but that still are just as important to be worried about. And one of the most neglected health concerns out there is ensuring that one’s hearing and ears are taken care of in the same way that other body parts are.


It might not seem that obvious to consider what life choices might be having a negative impact on hearing, but there are plenty out there that can greatly increase the chances of having hearing problems earlier, rather than later. And while people sometimes think that this is only important to be worried about when older, the fact is that loud music at concerts and too much time spent with portable music players does a great amount of damage that has an impact earlier and earlier. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to change up daily activities that will greatly reduce the chances of having trouble with hearing earlier in life.


One of the easiest things to do when worrying about the health of one’s ears is simply paying attention to the volume level of all devices. Whether it’s not blasting the television set or deciding to keep the car stereo turned to a reasonable level, these simple choices have a big impact on ears. Too much time spent with television turned up and stereos blasting at home and in the car often means that it’s not possible to notice whether or not it becomes important to keep turning the volume up over time to have the same hearing experience. And because of this, it’s possible to be doing damage with simple daily activities.


Another crucial move in protecting one’s ears is remembering to always wear earplugs when going to a concert or spending a long time in a nightclub. While it might not seem like the coolest thing to do, putting in earplugs greatly reduces the damaging decibels that lead to early onset hearing loss. And those who are working in loud environments like clubs and bars should also consider investing in reusable earplugs that can be worn for longer periods of time than just a night. This way, the loud noise will not cause trouble that cannot be undone.


For anyone who enjoys listening to music all of the time, taking a break after a couple of hours is an important yet easy way to protect one’s ears. After all, it’s fine to enjoy a record at a loud volume for an hour or so, but after that, turning off the noise entirely is important so as to not cause damage. Likewise, those who are using headphones to listen to music on the go should be sure to keep the volume level down, and to not try to drown out the noise of the city. It’s simply not possible to enjoy music in a noisy subway car, so don’t try to overcompensate for normal noises of the city just to listen to a couple of songs. Chances are, all that listening to music in this kind of environment is doing is increasing the likelihood of hearing loss, and there’s nothing fun about blaring music at such a high volume that the sound quality is compromised.

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