Monday, 3 October 2011

Extreme pleasure with Rabbit Pearl Vibrator

The pearl vibrator gives is designed in such a way so as to suit every person and one can make maximum enjoyment from it. The wireless rabbit vibrator is a high tech device which is used by women in doing massage. According o the survey conducted among women across the globe it is found that most of the women go for wireless rabbit vibrator for doing massage at their home. The rotation settings allow the device to be rotated at various speeds according to the requirement. The device is pointed at the end and round from the other end. The interior portion of the device is filled with jelly like substance which is very soft and allows frictionless and undisturbed rotation. The pearl vibrator is very light in weight and can be easily in hands .The rabbit vibrator can be rotated around vaginal walls for stimulation. The vibrator comes in pink color that is why it is also known as pink vibrator. The device is used until one achieves the maximum stimulation. It consists of clitoris stimulator which stimulated the sexual parts of women as a result of which women can feel sexuality and enjoy it. After massage one gets full achievement which can not described in words. The pearl vibrator works on 3 AAA batteries to which power is attached .The power is made on when it has to be used and switch off once the massage is over. The rabbit vibrator offers different kinds of vibration with variable rotation settings. The light weight of pink vibrator makes it unique and highly useful because it can be hold in hands and rotated around the vaginal walls. The 3 speed rotation beads make the device very instrumental and useful for massage. The device is used to get maximum stimulation. Most of the women prefer this device nowadays. The size of the pearl vibrator is about 34mm and the length is approximately is 223mm.The interior material gives non jamming rotation and it can be rotated well around vaginal walls. This rotation along with 3 speed vibration gives the women a smooth and delightful feeling. Most of the single and divorced women nowadays go for rabbit vibrator. The pink vibrator is gaining popularity among women very fast. It has become the best way to massage your self. The experiences shared by women reveal the success story of this device. The pearl vibrator has become so popular that it is been sold around the globe. The rabbit vibrator is very light in weight and has lot of mobility. The pink vibrator works on batteries and gives the original sexual feeling. Therefore it is highly recommended to go for this device to have maximum enjoyment.

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