Sunday, 2 October 2011

Health Insurance Exchanges Will Soon Be In Operation

It won’t be long before everyone will be able to afford health care.  This will be possible because of the healthcare reform that President Obama set up.  With the healthcare reform every state will be required to carry health insurance exchanges where small businesses and individuals will be able to shop for affordable health insurance.  The purpose of the exchanges is to bring lower prices on insurance for all people and small businesses.

It won’t be long before all small businesses will be expected to carry insurance on their employees.  This will be difficult for some small businesses.  Health insurance exchanges will make it affordable for them to carry the health insurance that is needed.  There will even be multi-state insurance so you can see a doctor out of your state and it will still be covered by your insurance.

Health insurance pays a large portion of your medical bills.  It could be 60% or even 80%.  There will be a copay.  With this size percentage being paid by the insurance company everyone should be able to afford to pay for their medical bills and will not end up in a financial bind because of medical bills.  All it takes is one major injury or illness to put you in deep debt.  Health insurance exchanges will make it possible for you to get insurance at a price you can afford.  People who can’t afford to pay for their own insurance will be able to get help through the state that they live in.

It is expected that health insurance exchanges will be in operation in every state by 2014.  This will be great for small business since it is going to be mandatory for all businesses to carry insurance on their employees.  All small businesses that have less than 100 people working for them will be able to use health insurance exchanges.  Eventually larger businesses may be able to use them as well.  Right now it is only set up to help small businesses.  There are many small businesses that cannot afford to buy insurance for all their employees.  When health insurance exchanges are set up it is expected that health insurance will go down in price so everyone can afford it.

Will health insurance exchanges be helpful?  They should be able to help everyone with health insurance.  The amount of money you will save when you have health insurance will be phenomenal.  People won’t have to worry about going into debt or filing bankruptcy due to medical bills.  Right now medical bills are the number one reason for bankruptcy.  Health insurance exchanges are going to take that all away by bringing affordable health insurance to you.

Health insurance companies won’t be able to pick who they want to have as customers.  All people will be eligible for insurance.  By 2014 all citizens of the US are expected to have insurance for medical bills.  Once everyone can afford to buy health insurance, medical bills should become a thing of the past.  This will help to keep people out of debt.

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