Thursday, 6 October 2011

How to Accessorize Plus Size Clothing for Women

Plus size clothing for women is available in more styles and colors than ever before. Designers are coming out with plus size clothing for women geared especially for the larger woman. You can find every type of clothing in plus sizes that are attractive, trendy and flatter your figure. Accessories are an important part of any outfit and for the plus size woman there are accessories that will help to accentuate your figure and some you should avoid. Use these simple tips to select and assemble accessories so you look polished and your best.

Jewelry Jewelry helps you express your individual style and is just plain fun and pretty to wear. As a plus size woman you can wear larger pieces and still look great. Long necklaces create the illusion of length and can be paired with shorter necklaces for a layered look. Long beads are also a great look for a plus size woman. Big chunky jewelry actually looks better on you than your thinner sisters. Chandelier earrings are another very attractive look for plus size women. Pair them with dressier plus size clothing for women for a special evening, or to add a bit of bling to an everyday jeans and t-shirt look. Avoid bracelets that are too small or cut into your wrists. Not only are they uncomfortable, but they can make your wrists look larger than they really are. Have fun with jewelry and experiment to see what looks best on you. Shoes Plus size women have a wide variety of styles to choose from. Many lines come in larger sizes and wider widths than in years past. Comfort should be your number one priority, but we all know that once in a while comfort takes a back seat to style. When you want to wear high heels or a shoe with a very narrow toe box, invest in some inserts to keep your feet as comfortable as possible. Ballerina flats are trendy right now and give you style and comfort. You can find boots with wider calves to fit plus size women in a wide variety of styles. Flats and low heels are the best choices for your workday or shopping around town, but in the evening pull out the stops and go for strappy sexy sandals and heels. Plus size clothing for women now includes wider shoes in larger sizes to fit almost everyone. Purses As a plus size woman you can get away with carrying a larger purse. Hobo purses are trendy right now along with messenger bags. Avoid very small purses to keep your ensemble balanced. Purses are a great way to add some extra style to your outfits, for example if you like animal prints or bright colors a purse is a way to insert these into your wardrobe. Plus size clothing for women has come a long way in the past few years. More plus size models are showing up on the runways of the world and you can take these pieces, accessorize them and make them your own. Use your imagination and experiment with different accessories to find the type of plus size clothing for women that reflects your personal style. Visit Volupture and check out fabulous plus size clothing online.

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