Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Building A House And A Home Loan Product All Under One Roof!

When you are building a new home, the first thing you should consider is evaluating your home loan options. Yes, there are many loan products from different home lenders you can choose from. However, refining your options and getting a loan approval could be a very challenging experience.

Fortunately, you can now get a loan approval easily and at the same time build your dream house all under one roof!

This option is called Home Finance Option and is one of the service extensions provided by Urbanedge Homes, one of the finest Melbourne Home Builders in Australia. Aside from building affordable and stylish homes with innovative, green and smart house plans, Urbanedge Homes believes that the process of building a house should continue through to the loan product.

At Urbanedge Home Finance Option, you have wide choices of loan options and products from 30 different lenders. The bank comes to you. No need to take time off from work because after-hours and weekend appointments are also available.

Home Finance personnel will explain and guide you through the products and help you select a loan product that suits your personal needs. They fill out all the forms and liaise them directly with Urbanedge Homes and your selected lender to ensure construction of your home begins in your projected timeline.

Also, at Urbanedge Home Finance Option, their personnel understand that your finances and family circumstances changes throughout your life. Over time your family can get bigger or smaller, finances change and when it happens, your loan product can change to fit your current financial needs.

As their partner, Home Finance personnel will be there for you 7 days a week. They will update you with new loan products and other developments in the finance and loan industry and will keep you informed of your current choices.

Urbanedge Home Finance option is a free service; feel free to call (03) 8398 1143 even if you have arrangements with another loan elsewhere. You can also visit http://www.urbanedgehomes.com.au/homefinance.aspx for more information.

Or if you want to know Urbanedge House and land packages, their affordable homes with modern home designs and smart house plans, visit their nearest display homes and display centres in Melbourne or visit http://www.urbanedgehomes.com.au/

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