Monday, 3 October 2011

Cosmetic Surgery for Those in their 40s and Up

Not just movie stars these days are getting cosmetic surgery and facelifts even in their 40s and sometimes their late 30s. These days the rich and shameless, famous or not or getting more and more cosmetic surgery done. A common procedure for the not very old is the eyelids. Sagging and dropping eyelids can show your age before anything else. This is related in turn to the condition of the skin on the forehead. One note of caution, if you look at a website called, sometimes the movie stars overdo it and end up with too tight forehead skin and a permanent -œopen eye- appearance, not that they can’t close their eyes too. They may think it is merely dramatic. In cosmetic eye surgery, the surgeon makes incision to remove excess fat and skin. This can be combined with a skin lift of the forehead and other methods in order to remove the dreaded -œcrow’s feet- that begin to extend out from the corner of the eyes toward the ears. For a guaranteed -œno scars- procedure, for patients who are just beginning to have under the eye bags, under a local anesthetic pockets of fat are removed without removing the skin. This is done through tiny holes made inside the lower eyelid, leaving no scars.

Since this is a very delicate area of the body, a light general anesthetic is used, plus a local anesthetic is injected around the eyes. The surgery takes about an hour to perform. There are two separate procedures where some patients need both, and others need one of the two. This is the removal of excess skin and/or the removal of excess fat, which create the effect known as -œbags under the eyes-. In new operations, the fat under the eye can be remolded. In other operations, the skin around the cheek bones is tightened in order to tighten the skin around the eyes. A careful balance has to be made by the surgeon to keep from getting a too tight look around the eyes. Like general facelifts, these operations, both to tighten the bags under the eyes and the area above the eyes may need to be redone, depending on the age and the condition of the patient, within five to ten years. Even though the patient is under -œlight: general anesthesia, he or she can generally be taken home after two or three hours. Or the patient may arrange to stay overnight after the surgery. Joseph Hanoah has been writing on the internet for many years now. Joseph currently works day and night on his website eyelid wrinkles surgery. For more information on this topic please visit his website today.

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