Sunday, 2 October 2011

Colon Cancer – Colon Cancer Causes and Treatment

The colon is the digestive part of our body where the waste materials are stored. The colon extends up to the rectum which is adjacent to the anus. The chord between them forms the large intestine. Tumors are developed in the inner walls of the large intestine, resulting in colon cancer. Colon cancer referred to as colorectal cancer is not a contagious one. The main causes for this cancer are; high fat intake, from a colorectal cancer affected family member, ulcerative colitis.

The major symptoms of colon cancer are; narrow stools, diarrhea, constipation, weight loss, abdominal pain, cramps etc. Colon cancer can be detected from a lower Gi series (Barium-enema X-ray) method or by colonoscopy method. The first method is performed after giving the patient enema with white chalky liquid containing barium and then taking x-rays, the barium leaves a path in the large intestine with dark patches indicating the tumors inside the large intestine. Colonoscopy is a method in which the doctor injects a white flexible tube through the anus into the rectum to view the entire colon. This is more accurate when compared to the first method. The best method to remove the colon cancer is surgery. By surgery the entire tumor present inside the colon is removed. If the cancer is found on the rectum, them the rectum has to be removed and the surgeon makes opening on the abdomen wall, for the waste materials to be excreted. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are also employed. But chemotherapy takes a long time to remove the infected cells. Radiation therapy is not a recommended in rectum cancer. It causes fatigue, skin irritation in the radiated areas. Download your Natural Cancer Treatments ebook @ now.

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