Sunday, 2 October 2011

Health Drinks for pH Balance Must Be Alkaline Drinks

With such a wide variety of health drinks on the market, it can be tricky to recognize the differences between alkaline drinks and other not so healthy choices. While a few of the health drinks you find are useful in some ways, alkaline drinks provide many advantages that their counterparts do not. Alkaline drinks are unique health drinks that utilize natural ingredients registering a pH balance higher than 7.0, after consumption. Ingredients in these alkaline drinks may contain natural foods, like herbs and real fruit. These ingredients must be processed and packaged with precision in order to maintain the whole food structure of the plants. Since there are so many health drinks available today, it is wise to determine just what effect you expect with your purchase. For example, some health drinks contain large doses of protein to help fitness fanatics build lean muscle. Unfortunately, a good number of the protein drinks available today are extremely acid forming, and contribute to an unhealthy pH balance.

Why Do You Need Alkaline Drinks? The value of maintaining an alkaline state in the body is becoming common knowledge as research points to the healthy advantages. Human blood is naturally alkaline with a pH balance of approximately 7.4. If that delicate pH balance changes by only two tenths, death is looming. The body will go through certain processes to stay in balance, even if that means extracting calcium from your bones to alkalize the ash left in the bloodstream by any acid forming foods or drinks. This is why health drinks with naturally alkaline ingredients are supportive in helping to manage that fragile pH balance. Most people today consume an excess number of acid forming foods and not enough alkaline foods. By selecting alkaline drinks whenever possible, we are more well equipped to help the body maintain its natural balance. The result is a boost in overall health. With the added consumption of alkaline drinks, the body does not need to work as hard in order to manage a proper pH balance. In addition, unhealthy bacteria and harmful organisms are unable to survive in this alkaline environment. Alkaline drinks always should be made with whole food ingredients. Fruits, such as lemons, apples and peaches and alkaline food grade herbs, like jasmine or cinnamon are ingredients that can be found in these types of health drinks. Keep in mind that candy colored sport drinks and vitamin waters are made primarily with acid forming ingredients. In most cases, alkaline health drinks also offer a more natural energy boost without a sugar spike or a caffeine buzz. This is because most of the time, alkaline food ingredients also provide nutritional elements such as antioxidants, live enzymes, and chlorophyll for enhanced oxygen flow. When you take the time to investigate how your health drinks are processed and what they are really made with you can make a gigantic difference in how effective they are for your health. By choosing naturally alkaline drinks, you are able to support your body with powerful nutrition that most mass produced health drinks can’t possibly equal. Author Cliff Smith is co-owner of the Internet health food store, For over 10 years, he has helped people worldwide achieve natural weight loss and other fitness milestones by incorporating alkaline drinks, concentrated whole foods and natural health drinks into their diet.

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